We are the biggest coding school in Finland

Biggest Finnish Coding School
We have the real Know-how teaching children on-site and online with more than 4000 students. Our courses and camps are the best tools to teach 21-century skills, in an easy, fun, and reliable way.
International experience
We have partners in Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, and soon Malaysia and Emirates. This proves that our product has the best potential to supply education with Finnish Quality for international markets.

Our high quality curriculums go beyond regular coding courses. Students start with the basics and move to the black belt -level work on Unity, a professional game engine and React and NodeJS the most widely used web development frameworks. In these courses, they can develop different projects like 2D or 3D games and modern web applications.

Finnish Education

Many municipalities in Finland trust Kodarit as their coding education provider for their schools. We are working with these public schools to teach children programming as a hobby.

Coding is for everyone

We know how to make coding a desirable, fun, and useful activity


Our licensing package has everything to start your Kodarit school

Our Kodarit Handbook contains general knowledge that might be useful for You to make the best out of your coding business. It will give you the whole inside knowledge about Kodarit and how to launch your own coding school in your area.
A 4-week train course for our future Kodarit teachers, to learn how is done here in Finland. Our methods are based on the world-known Finnish education. And we will guide you through it.

Our teachers are the core of our business idea that is the reason to give them as many resources as possible. The teacher's Handbook has everything to help educators in their classes develop the children's potential.

How to use the Finnish education method? How to motivate your students?
These and other doubts are solved in our Handbook. Because we know that now days is harder to teach, we give all the tips for our teachers to make it great in class.

Access to all the open-source tools and class notes. Students can keep practicing and going even further with these tools creating their own games and designs.

All the resources for your classes are here, your scripts for the class, links to the open-source resources, list of students, attendance control, and more.

Keep up with your courses, a clean interface to check the progress of your teachers and students.

Our System Administrators, Marketing Managers, Teacher Manager, and Business Managers are here to help you! we want that you succeed with your Kodarit School and that is the reason to be supporting you. We have learned along the way what is to open a new market, that is why our professional team will support our tools to lead you to success.

Our courses are updated constantly, adapting to new open-source tools, new problems, and new coding challenges to keep our students motivated. Is important to keep our curriculums updated, which gives us an advantage against our competitors, and more chances to success and attract new students.

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