Expanding Horizons: Kodarit’s Global Journey in Coding Education

Welcome to the Kodarit family’s global adventure in coding education!

Back in 2015, Our CEO Suvi Syrjäläinen realized that children wouldn’t be getting the needed future skills in schools. With more than 16 years of experience in the IT industry, she decided to teach them herself. After researching several tools and designing the best curriculum the first courses started in Tampere, Finland. Since then Kodarit has grown into the biggest Coding School in the Nordic countries. Our secret lies in providing a motivating and efficient curriculum: learning can be fun!

At Kodarit, we believe in learning coding in a fun way, inclusive, and creative can to transform lives and open doors to the future. Nowadays, we are offering licensees of our curriculums to you! This experience has taken us across borders, cultures, and languages, as we’ve partnered with passionate educators and organizations in Malaysia, the United States, and Kenya to bring our comprehensive coding curriculum to eager young minds.


The Malaysian Venture

Our international journey began in 2022 with a vision to introduce Kodarit’s coding courses to Malaysia. Partnering with a local organization, we embarked on a meticulous process of applying for funding to kickstart our educational venture. The road was long, with numerous hurdles along the way, but our determination never wavered. In 2023, we celebrated a significant milestone as the first lessons commenced, welcoming around 100 students from various public schools into the world of coding.

The support we received was instrumental in our success. Finnpartnership’s backing and the endorsement of a Malaysian Member of Parliament provided us with the credibility and resources needed to make a lasting impact. This experience open our eyes to the importance of cultural differences that we must count on to help our partners to succeed. As we reflect on the early days of Kodarit School Malaysia, we’re filled with pride for the progress made and excitement for the future as we look to expand our course offerings with Kodarit 1 and Kodarit 2, and beyond.

Our First steps into USA

In the heart of Texas, a story of passion and ambition unfolds as a couple, experienced IT professionals with a love for teaching and information technology, discovered Kodarit. They saw in our curriculum a beacon of hope for the future of education—a program that could guide children on a long journey from the basics of coding to mastering advanced programming languages.

The couple’s dedication was palpable, and their vision aligned perfectly with Kodarit’s mindset. They recognized the potential in our accessible pricing and comprehensive curriculum, which minimized their financial risk and maximized educational impact. In 2024, the Texas branch proudly launched Kodarit 1, laying the foundation for a future where every child has the opportunity to become a fluent coder.

The Kenyan Connection

Our latest partner hails from Kenya, where they have established a school that offers our licensed courses, starting with baby Kodarit and Kodarit 1. Their focus is not just on teaching coding; it’s about empowering children with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving digital world.

The Kenyan partnership was formed swiftly, driven by a mutual recognition of Kodarit’s proven curriculum and the opportunities it presents. Our partner’s commitment to opening doors for children in the labor market and providing a clear career path in IT resonated deeply with our mission. The ease of the process, the affordability of our courses, and the trust we cultivated together made Kodarit the ideal choice for their educational endeavors.


Do you want to be one of our partners? Read more about our license,  contact us here or by mail to international@kodarit.fi


Expanding Horizons: Kodarit’s Global Journey in Coding Education