Easiest way to start a successful coding school

Kodarit Coding School hasn’t paid much attention to quality certificates. We know our quality is world-class, and nationally our fame preceded us. In our home market, we had nothing more to prove – our results have always spoken for themselves. The turning point was when we entered the global markets. Now we want to communicate and celebrate our excellency with our Education Finland membership, Education Alliance Finland’s Certified Pedagogy’-certificate and this blog post!

Kodarit Coding School was founded in Finland in 2016. At that time, coding was not yet recognised as a hobby. Coding teaching pedagogy was non-existent for children and young people.

We started with background research on coding teaching environments. We scanned through the befitting materials for children and teens. Plenty of free materials suited (and still suit!) well for our target groups. Nevertheless, most of these exercises turned out to be too complex for our students. They struggled with understanding the underlying ideas without teachers explaining the concepts, commands and connection to programming. This is the reason why we need pedagogy.

Coding is challenging for our beginner students. We are mindful of the exercises we introduce to our program and committed to exploring all possible ways to help our learners understand the needed concepts and principles. The basic idea of our pedagogy is that learning is fun and effective in a safe environment. No one is left behind. Our program includes entertaining content, an age-appropriate pace, and appropriately challenging exercises. No matter how long a student has been with us, we will always be able to introduce something fun and new in the endless possibilities of computer programming.

Kodarit has been brilliantly successful in developing coding teaching pedagogy. We have become Finland’s most popular and respected coding school for children and young people. This is proven by our quality certificates and why we have confidently packaged our expertise, pedagogy and curriculum into a licensing package that we sell worldwide.


Why should one choose the Kodarit Coding School Licence instead of creating an own coding school brand?

Designing an own coding school brand requires following:

• First, one must create an effective business plan based on their unique idea. This requires a broad understanding of entrepreneurship and strong business administration skills.
• As a next step, one needs a name, logo, webpage and social media accounts. You need to create your brand’s visual appearance and lots of content. This means skills or purchased services from content producers and graphic designers.
• Next, one must decide if the coding school concepts are built around online, onsite or hybrid teaching. All the different implementations require planning and knowledge regarding the technical solutions, infrastructure and choice of tools.
• The most demanding part is to design a working and effective curriculum with proof of concept. Creating the curriculum requires a multidisciplinary team, including programmers, experts from the IT sector, pedagogics and technology education. The curriculum must adapt successfully to different teaching modes (online, onsite, hybrid).
• After all, the plan and the concept need to be produced based on the needs of the chosen market, for example, B2C and B2B, in selected locations.
• Beating the existing competitors in the market is a huge challenge: they have been doing what a newcomer is starting to test for years. Creating one class and commodification takes several months, so covering all the development costs is hard, especially if the offering is not initially broad.

During the first two operational years of Kodarit, it took a 30.000€ investment in equipment, tools, and marketing to get started. In addition, my co-founder and I worked without a salary for 18 months. After six years, our operations in Finland have 400K€ revenue with 50K€ profit.

A business opportunity in coding education with Kodarit license

As you start your new business with the Kodarit license, you will get the following benefits:

A strong brand
• A brand name
• A logo
• Webpage + content
• Social media accounts
A business handbook on how to run a coding school
• A business plan
• Lists of materials you will need
Marketing material & content brand book
• Ready-made marketing posts
• Blog-posts
Technical support
Pedagogical Handbook
Return of Investment calculation

As our licensee, you are entitled to purchase reusable Kodarit coding education materials.
Each level covers a 15-week coding course program.
Education material includes:
• Certified course curriculum
• Teachers’ education provided by Kodarit education centre

You can start your coding school business with a strong, trusted, certified brand. After getting started, you may decide which new course materials you would like to add to your Kodarit coding school program.

If you would like to have coding education in your education institution

If an existing education organisation would like to achieve new coding teaching expertise, they would need to either create it internally or find it externally. As the budgets of schools and universities are often minimal, creating an effective curriculum is out of the question. It would require a multidisciplinary, enthusiastic team and lots of piloting and development, which eventually would take at least two years, give or take. Another big task is to update this curriculum constantly based on the latest developments in it-sector and the need for constant growth, research, and working life.

Also, an educational institution may achieve the Kodarit coding teaching license.

Kodarit also offers education organisations a chance to teach with their Kodarit coding school license. Licenses for educational institutions are royalty-free. The first kick-off package also includes educating your organisation’s personnel, who may deliver the know-how further in your society.


Starting your coding school is not free, but it doesn’t need to be too expensive.

One could reinvent the wheel or get a ready product used in quality-wise demanding learning environments for seven years. The Kodarit Coding approach has strong proof of concept.

Are you interested in coding teaching, or do you know somebody who would like to hear more? Contact us!

Suvi Syrjäläinen
Kodarit coding school founder and CEO

Easiest way to start a successful coding school