Your first step on journey of coding


I’m Suvi Syrjäläinen, the most familiar Kodarit face in Finland. Now I want to introduce myself and my thoughts to the international audience also 🙂

Suvi Syrjäläinen

Kodarit is Finland’s largest coding school. I started Kodarit 5 years ago because I love coding even though I’m not your stereotypical software engineer. But indeed I am a sofware engineer and I worked as a software engineer for 16 years for Nokia and Microsoft.

The idea of Kodarit is that coding is for everyone. Kids, teenagers, adults, men and women.


But why do I think coding should be for everyone?

Our world is getting more digital by the minute! It means that we use computers and smart devices for tasks that we previously used a pen and paper or telephone for. We used to play and navigate without a computer or a smart device. We’ve called or visited places if we wanted to book an appointment, buy tickets or to make reservations. Now there’s an app for everything.

Code is the intelligence of the smart device. That is why anyone who wants to influence what kind of smart devices, applications or for example games we have, should know how to make devices or applications work the way they want them to. And that is why everyone should know the basics of programming.

But what are the basics?

You have to understand that a computer only does what the coder commands it to.

Computers understand some basic commands and programming structures like sequences, selections, loops, events, function and objects. When you understand the concepts of basic programming structures and can write those, you can command the computer.

In Kodarit we begin programming and algorithm thinking with visual programming. The algorithm is a set of instructions to the computer.

After that we continue by writing the same basic commands, concepts and algorithms with Python, JavaScript and C#.


So those are the basics. Once you know them, you can program applications, devices, games, art or whatever you want.

But it’s hard isn’t it?

Yes it is, but even small six year old kids can code basic sequences and loops. 9 to 14 year old can already be expected to be able use almost all of the basic programming structures.

With our help, hundreds of finnish children, teenagers and adults have begun this fascinating journey of coding. And now we’re offering this possibility internationally to everyone!


Our international journey has begun

Our international journey started from Dubai at the beginning of August 2020 with Education House of Finland.

Kids find joy at Finnish online summer school

And it continues at the end of August in Indonesia with Cahaya Utara Indonesia which now offers Kodarit level courses.

Somalian and russian kids, teenagers and adults will also be jumping onboard soon!

Kodarit international level courses

Our autumn season 2020 Level Courses will begin on Monday the 21st of September. Read more and register at our Level Courses page.

The price for the 10 week level course is 190€.


Your first step on journey of coding