Internationalization and Partnerships: Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam & China

Kodarit has started 2021 with internationalization as one of its main goals for this year. 2020 was a year of challenges around the globe, facing a pandemic has been tough for everyone, on all fronts. However, if we choose to see the bright side, this situation has also allowed us, with the use of digital tools, to continue and even expand our operations abroad.

Coding for everyone is at the heart of our operations, and thanks to it, it has been easier to realize that despite the gloomy global situation, it is still important to bring education to all corners of the world, and with it, allow children to keep learning.

Therefore from our perspective, we are carrying out our operations and we try to encourage children to develop their hobby and still have some fun while coding.

With this in mind, we have strengthened our offer in Finland, but also expanded our online courses’ offer, to be available to more countries.



In 2020 we launched our Kodarit 1 level in Indonesia as well as two winter camps, in cooperation with Nola School in Surabaya, Indonesia. This year, we are strengthening our offer and we are opening Kodarit 1 and Kodarit 2 levels and we are looking forward to also have holiday camps (summer and winter). When the situation allows, we will also explore the option to have on-site courses and training.

Indonesian course graduates with our partner Onggo Susilo

Australia and the rest of the world

In the last month of 2020, we started our first partnership, this time in Australia. Our partner Raquel Septiane is organizing Kodarit 1 level courses in Melbourne.

Simultaneously, we are cooperating with a partner to have classes in China and Vietnam, and exploring possibilities to bring online classes to Finnish communities abroad.

Kodarit is open for partnerships

Along with our internationalization goals, we are exploring possibilities for partnerships in different formats with other countries and we are working on launching new products and training.

For this purpose, we have a new International Business Development Manager at Kodarit, Laura Duran who will help us achieve our internationalization goals. Laura has an MSc in Economics from The London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as several years of experience working in embassies, research institutes, and start-ups in different countries. If you have any ideas for cooperation, do not hesitate to reach out to her.



Do not hesitate to contact me also in Swedish, Spanish, or Finnish!



Internationalization and Partnerships: Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam & China