Our curriculum is based on levels. Our students start their learning path with level Kodarit 1, using visual programming and developing their game and app design skills.

Each level lasts one term and the courses are progressive (Kodarit 1-4).

After level Kodarit 4, the students can continue to the Black Belt level, in which they can code for as many terms as they wish. The topics of the Black belt level change every term.

If you have programmed before, you can join the level that better suits your programming skills.


This course is suitable for beginners or kids from 7 years old.

In the course, we will go through the fundamentals of programming and game design in visual learning environments.

We solve programming challenges in Code.org learning environment, code 2D games in Scratch and also get to know the programming of hardware devices with Micro:bit microcontrollers.

At the end of the course, we start programming with Python language in Code Combat and several other learning environments such as Codesters.


The class will run 16 times, divided into two terms: 8 classes each term.


This course is suitable for those who have completed either Kodarit 1 Level Course or Kodarit summer coding camp. The same level has been potentially achieved through self-studies in coding, as well.

In the course, we will strengthen what we learned in Kodarit 1 and learn more Python programming in Codesters and Repl.it learning environments.

We also get familiar with web programming which also includes HTML and CSS languages. Lastly, we will cover machine learning (AI) and practice it in a “machine learning for kids” environment.


Online teaching

The online learning is organized with the Zoom program. The zoom installation and instructions for joining the class will be sent to the students before the start of the course. With new students, the basic Zoom functions are always covered in the first hour. The zoom program allows our teachers to help students, if necessary, on their own computer, so hand-to-hand teaching is as successful online as in face-to-face teaching.

How do you need to prepare for distance learning at home?

For Kodarit online learning, you need a basic computer, ie a desktop computer or laptop, and an Internet connection that you can use at home. Kodarit coding exercises are done with a web browser.


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