Why everybody should know coding?

We are living in a time in which things change at a high pace, digitalization and globalization have brought people together from all over the world. However, not everyone is aware of how to is related to coding. As just an example the more digitalized the society is, the more people will have to stay updated to be able to do their work in the future, whether it is in the IT area, banking, marketing, education, heavy industry, etc.

Nowadays many people purchase services from software companies, to do their job, to do things such as websites, advertising, planning, etc. but wouldn’t it be great and cost-effective if they would learn to do it themselves? The “Do it yourself” trend is growing more popular, and as coding is more and more needed in society, it would be a great asset for the next generation, if they would learn at an early age.

Besides the obvious and practical benefits of learning how to code, coding will teach you how to think, but what does it mean? Coding is not just putting commands for a computer or a machine to follow. Coding is more about how to solve a problem, how to be efficient and fast to find a solution or do something. This learning can be used in any area of life, for example if you need to do a repetitive task, how could you make it faster? or if you need to select the best TV to play movies, how can you compare all the existing TV’s that you could purchase in a simple way?

Coding is a helpful tool that will change the way you succeed in performing daily tasks. In general, a programmer approaches problems by breaking them down in a way that is easy to understand and solve. When you learn to program your brain learns to work in a structured way that can be applied to any problem or task. Besides, some solutions are not easy to find, but coding teaches you to persist and try many times until you find a solution. This is of great benefit for people, because they learn how to deal with frustration and persevere against any obstacles.

These reasons make that learning to code, becomes more and more important nowadays, and even more in young ages. As Finland’s biggest coding school for children, we have noticed how inspiring and fun it is for our students to learn to do their own games and to code at the same time. Our learnings have shown us that everyone can learn how to code, despite age, we only need the right motivation and to provide the right support.



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Why everybody should know coding?